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What do an engineer & human resources manager know about coffee?

Well, we love it. That love turned into an obsession and then into a dream and now into a lifestyle. But we didn’t stop with one dream – Leigh also is passionate about music, especially dj/produced style. But the type of music isn’t important really, we are all about the journey to discover what moves you. What is important to us is the concept of the endless search, no matter what it is – music, coffee, art, travel, love, career, stamp collecting…. . If we can help you in some small way to find what you are looking for we will consider that a job well done.

We believe in the endless search and the journey is just as important as the destination. Now we roast beans to great big beats and love every minute of it!

Our vision: To promote and fuel the endless search for whatever inspires and drives you.


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