6th Dec, 2016

99 problems and blogging is one…


Jeepers- I just realised that there has not been a single Beat Coffee update since we were at MICE at the beginning of 2016. Blogging is something that we have always wanted to do, not only to let everyone know what we are up to but also to track our successes and challenges that we have come across.

Now that we are getting close to the end of the year, I thought I should give you all a very brief summary of what has gone down. Oh, and thanks Jay-Z for those great lyrics, that’s what he says right?


Markets, Exhibitions and generally getting out there:

2016 was the year of getting the Beat brand out there – we have been to several markets and festivals telling people what Beat Coffee is about and introducing people to the world of cold brew coffee. The Espresso Martini festival run by Mr Black was one of our highlights this year, we were lucky enough to be invited to take part at the Meat Market in North Melbourne and we had a blast! We came up with our version of the espresso martini, in nitro cold brew format of course. The other drink we put together was the Beat Butterscotch which was also a winner on the weekend, especially with the little caramel we put on the side. Taste of Melbourne was probably our biggest event of the year, having the opportunity to display our wares in their small producers tent. Good times were had with our beans and nitro cold brew martinis flying out the tent!


The Roastery:

Well, on a sad note after getting in a position where the roastery was a finely tuned operation we have had to begin the process of relocating. However it is a bitter-sweet situation with Beat Coffee taking the opportunity to find a location where we can have a roastery/cold brewery/coffee shop. Stay tuned on this one as we think 2017 will be a great big year for Beat!



Wow, what an action-packed 3(+) days at MICE….


2016-03-18 09.32.10

Beat Coffee booth at MICE 2016


We had been planning, working, changing plans and preparing for the last 4 months for our booth at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) 2016 which finally took place on March 17-19. Then it came and went in a flash! We had three days of madness talking to fellow exhibitors (shout out to all the other Roaster Alley friends), coffee professionals, cafe owners and all-round passionate coffee lovers. I have to be honest, it was great to sit down last Sunday but I loved every minute of the show.


The chance to tell the coffee world we exist along with sharing our coffee beans and beautiful cold brew coffee was just a fantastic opportunity.


Being our first MICE as an exhibitor, there were many challenges that we did not have the answers to – had we made enough samples for people or too much? What was the best way to get across our brand and story to people? How could we fit everything into our very small stand that we wanted? Would I be able to talk non-stop about our passion for beans, roasting, cold brew, the endless search, music, art and whatever else anyone might want to know?


But the panic was for nought! We had made enough cold brew and beans….and the feedback we received was sensational. Plenty of sample packs were given out and our confidence in our product was bolstered from repeat tasters. It was hard not to beam like absolute idiots when, on all three days, people came back with their associates to taste and enjoy our mighty brew. And yes, I was able to talk non-stop for 3 days straight with the help of throat lozenges, plenty of cold brew and feeding off the passion of everyone at the show!!


We also need to give a shout out to our great supporters who assisted with the booth and help share the passion for Beat Coffee – Corey, Jess, Rob, Lyn, Tamsyn and Erin. Great work team!


Golden Bean Bronze Medal Winner!!


We have been lucky enough to win a Bronze Medal at the 2015 Compak Golden Bean Roasting Competition!

We entered our Baby Scratch – Australia into the Australian category and we were wrapped to have been given the Bronze. It has given us further confidence in our mantra of the #endlesssearch, we are always looking for the next great beans, coffee blends and roasting profiles.

Our aim is to pass this on to you, the loyal customer. The passion to always want to search for the next great coffee bean, beats or whatever drives you.



What do you mean by? Glossary of Coffee Words


A bandied-about term usually used as marketing jargon to describe something that has been lovingly created for an appreciator of the craft. We won’t use the term however, as we like to think all roasters put some love into their craft and we are no different. But the connotation of artisanal being delicate really doesn’t apply to our beans. They are made for drinking for crying out loud.


Baby Scratch:

The Baby Scratch is the basic scratch move in turntablism that nearly all other moves are based upon. Read More…

What are Coffee “Beans”?

about us
Coffee beans are actually seeds from a cherry of the coffee tree. There are two major types of coffee beans Arabica and Robusta.Robusta plants yield much more than Arabica, contains more caffeine and is less susceptible to disease as well. It has a reputation for being an exceptionally strong coffee with a more bitter flavour than Arabica. Read More…