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Before being a happy coffee roaster……
Many years ago, I left school unclear with what to do, fell into university and just like that 15 years went by, working as an engineer focussing on “getting the job done”. Along the way, I met people surprisingly passionate about what they do, people who create and are great at it. This created a moment of clarity for me – life should be about that – doing things that drive & inspire you, improving and achieving, learning and loving, always striving. This is the endless search. For me, it’s all about coffee and music.

So I left my engineering career behind, bought a coffee roaster and started roasting. My background has helped me hone my roasting skills, but my passion and drive is what has created the great coffees we roast today. We have a sense of joy and playfulness that comes with doing something we love, because coffee does not have to be taken so seriously to be delicious.

We challenge you to think about what your endless search is and we encourage everyone to passionately pursue whatever drives them whether it is coffee, art, music, work or even collecting teaspoons. So CHEERS to your endless search and we thank you for being a part of ours..

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