The Mash Up - Issue 1

She’s a Superstar - Burundi Mutana

This month’s featured bean is our Burundi Mutana Hill. Sadly it will be coming to an end soon, mostly because it’s been so loved & we drank it all! Don’t panic though as when one of our beans reaches end of season we hunt down a new one, so stay tuned. Primarily roasted for filter style coffee, this Burundi also tastes delicious as an espresso or long black. We love our coffee (obviously) so when one of those rare beans that “swings both ways” comes along we get very excited. We sourced this green bean through FTA Coffee, originating from the Long Miles Project in Burundi.

You can check out the Long Miles team at

Location Burundi Mutana Hill
Process Natural
Altitude (masl): 2,100
Producer Long Miles Project

As a filter we recommend a 1:15 coffee/water ratio and the tasting notes we recognise are berry/melon and as being very sweet. It is still available for sale on the website & in the Roastery at the moment - but quantities are...

TDS...or How does Beat maintain flavour consistency?

Wow - what a crap title! But an important one. If there is one thing that Beat holds as the utmost importance it is……Taste is King! Be it espresso, filter or cold brew, our focus is to create something tasty and make sure it is just that every.single.time.

So how do we do this?

The short answer is TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). This is the measured amount of solids (coffee) that have been dissolved into your cup of brewed coffee and is expressed as a percentage. TDS will be different for each brewing method. And each varietal or origin of coffee will have a different TDS to reach the standard of great tasting coffee. However, typical TDS measurements for different types of brewing processes could be:

Espresso, 8-12%
Pour-Over Filter, 1.3-1.6%
Cold Brew, 1.6-1.9%

To measure TDS we use a piece of equipment called a refractometer. To make a long story short, a refractometer shoots light at a piece of glass that has your coffee resting on it. The equipment measures the degree of refraction after hitting the coffee. That is, how much your coffee sample bends the light. This variable tells us the amount of total dissolved solids.

Side note The amount of coffee extracted can be calculated with this knowledge, along with knowing the weight of coffee grounds used and the final weight of brewed coffee.

(Coffee Extraction (%) = Brewed coffee (g) * TDS / Coffee grounds (g))

So when we work with a new bean or new brewing method we measure the

TDS and calculate the coffee extraction. This way, along with tasting we can very quickly find the best way to prepare our coffee for you. So by roasting each bean the same way every time, periodically measuring our TDS and cupping & tasting - a lot - we make the coffee taste the best it possibly can. You are very welcome!

The Endless Search

This year, we were lucky to have the opportunity to travel to Germany over the holidays to visit family. A whole month of soaking in new adventures & time with family is a luxury that we do not take for granted. We traveled around Germany & also popped into Luxembourg and Belgium.

Many thanks go to Raquel and Corey for keeping Beat running while we were gone! Meanwhile, Leigh took every opportunity to check out the coffee scene and below is a quick summary of what he found.


  • Wild Kaffee roastery in Garmisch- Partenkirchen on the German-Austrian border. Probably the best latte/cappuccino found on this trip
  • In Munich, Man vs Machine was an unexpected gem
  • Berlin was sensational for specialty coffee… The Barn, 19 Grams, 5 Elephant


I know we are spoiled with great coffee here in Melbourne, so most places we went in Germany presented us with a challenge. An automatic coffee machine was the standard which limits the ability of the café to have the same level of product care and control as an espresso machine provides. But did we drink it? Sure did, can’t live without coffee!

So good news, we are sharing our treasures with you. Every weekend during the month of February we will be highlighting some of the coffees we had in Germany. The schedule of tastings each weekend are up on our Insta page. Come on over to Beat HQ to have a taste & join us on our #endlesssearch.