how do I use this coffee equipment?


  1. Place a paper filter in the top of the Chemex with the three-sided part to the front (where the spout is).
  2. Pour hot water into the Chemex and fill the bottom section. This will rinse the filter along with pre-heating the Chemex.
  3. Remove the wet filter and tip out all the water, then put the filter back in the top.
  4. Grind your coffee beans (if applicable) on a coarse setting.
  5. Put coffee grounds in the filter – Depending on the size of your Chemex (3-8 cup), use a ratio of 1g coffee to 16ml water. For example, for a 3 cup you could use 20g of coffee and 320ml of water. This ratio should be changed to taste, which will require experimentation by you. You’re welcome!
  6. Boil the kettle, and allow it to rest to ensure the temperature drops slightly below 100 degrees Celsius before using.
  7. Initially pour in 2ml of water for every 1g of coffee, allowing the coffee grounds to bloom or expand.
  8. Stir gently to ensure all the coffee is wet.
  9. Slowly pour the remainder of the water into the Chemex, ensuring all sections are covered. How you pour the water over the coffee is where the Chemex process becomes an artform!
  10. As the last of the water drains through the filter, use a spoon to push any remaining coffee grounds down the sides of the filter.
  11. Once all the water has drained through, the coffee is ready to drink. Remove the filter and pour!