What do you mean by? Glossary of Coffee Words


A bandied-about term usually used as marketing jargon to describe something that has been lovingly created for an appreciator of the craft. We won’t use the term however, as we like to think all roasters put some love into their craft and we are no different. But the connotation of artisanal being delicate really doesn’t apply to our beans. They are made for drinking for crying out loud.


Baby Scratch:

The Baby Scratch is the basic scratch move in turntablism that nearly all other moves are based upon. Invented by Grand Wizard Theodore. Wiki that shit- “moving the hand back and forth in continuous movements with the cross fader in the open position”.


Chirp Flare:   

This is a turntablist move that combines two different moves into one. The Chirp scratch involves having the crossfader only open at either end of the scratch to create a “chirp”, whereas the Flare scratch does the opposite with the crossfader open in the middle of the scratch movement, creating a bigger “flare” sound.


Cold Brew Coffee:

Coffee which you can make with no kettle or any other fancy equipment. Once you have ground the coffee you definitely don’t put it in a bucket, but rather a brewing vessel with the right amount of water and then go to the Pub. Once you have gotten over your hangover it may be close to being ready for filtration. Filtering can take place several times to ensure the resulting coffee is clean, clear and crisp. The result depends on how much coffee and water you use, and how long it takes for you to get over your hangover. This took us a lot of experimentation and testing with different beans/roasts/brewing environments (please see: #endlesssearch) to come up with the Beat Coffee Cold Brew we hope you love.



Technically “a substance made by removing water or other diluting agent”, however in our case it means that we have either increased the amount of coffee and/or time and reduced the amount of water ratio in the Cold Brew coffee to make a product that you can mix or dilute to your taste. Concentrate is also something we do while roasting beans and brewing your Cold Brew!



This is the underlying philosophy of Beat Coffee, unashamedly stolen from the mentality of surfers and snowboarders the world over. We believe life should be about the endless search or journey, for whatever you love. And even when you find it, the search will continue. Whether it be the best wave, the perfect “white pow-blue bird” snowboarding day, the best song from the genre you love (yes, this includes the 80s if that floats your boat) and even the best coffee – you will always strive to find the next perfect hit. We love the #endlesssearch, it drives us to find and create the best coffee we can provide for you.



An arguable term usually used to create a division in Roasting and/or coffee competitions. In a perfect world Micro-Roaster would probably be someone who runs a non-automated system that isn’t pumping out tonnes of coffee every week.


RTD (Ready-to-drink): 

As the name suggests you can just grab this and drink straight from the bottle, or over ice, or in a cocktail (check out our suggested recipe page).


Tweak Scratch:  

This DJ scratch is done with the turntable’s motor turned off. The “Tweak” is created solely by the DJ’s movement of the record.