Hello Stranger

Hi All,

It has been a minute since we last posted anything - in fact Leigh just hid all the files in embarassment! Life has been busy so it is beyond time to give you all an update as to the Beat shenanigans.

New Van!

Well we have had it for a little while, he has been travelling incognito up until now. Paul from Meeuwsen World whipped up a great design and Emma from Immaculate Signs in Romsey expertly applied the new look! 

Leigh even lashed out and got some hub caps. So good!


An update to our suite of beans available at the moment.....

Our Honduras bean has been super popular, but sadly we have come to the end. Apart from an experiment we are doing at the moment it has left us until we look at getting it again next season.

But never fear! We have already sourced a couple of new sensational beans - particularly for filter but we will dabble in the espresso world with them as always. We have a new Kenyan coming on board as well as a new Ethiopian that we are very excited about. Not overstating it but they are very, very tasty!

The Team

Eagle eyes may have noticed a slight change in staffing at Beat (well mostly noticing that Leigh is hardly doing any work on bar any more). We have a new team member, Gabbi. She is doing a lot of the hard work on Saturday mornings, making sure whoever is behind the machine can focus on pumping out great coffee. We are very happy to have her on board and so are the rest of the Saturday crew.