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Guatemala Santa Rosa
from $17.00

Milk Chocolate with notes of stone fruit.

Country Guatemala
Origin Santa Rosa
Location Jalapa
Process Washed
Varietal Red & Arabica
Owner Collection of small farms

Brazil BOM Jesus
from $17.50

Full Body, caramel and honey sweetness.

Country Brazil
Origin Alta Mogiana
Location Cristais Paulista, Sao Paulo
Process Natural
Varietal Mundo Novo
Altitude (masl) 1,250m
Owner Flavia & Gabriel Alves

Nicaragua Santa Rita
from $17.00

Chocolate, Almond, Stone fruit.

Country Nicaragua
Origin Santa Rita
Location Jinotega
Process Wet mill, 100% Sun dried
Varietal Caturra
Owner Alvares & Pereira

Decaf Colombia EA de Caña
from $17.50

Raisin, dried Apricot, citrus.        

Country Colombia
Location Huila
Varietal Castillo, Caturra, Colombia
Process Washed / Ethyl Acetate decaffeination 
Elevation  1400-2000 masl


Our Colombian decaf bean is decaffeinated using the Ethyl Acetate process. 
Delicious, especially if you are into this kind of thing – decaf we mean.
We hope you ask the question “Are you sure this is decaf?”…

from $17.00

Dark chocolate, hazelnut and stone fruit.

70% Brazil BOM Jesus
30% Colombia Popayan Supremo Primera 

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Cold Brew
from $18.00

Available in a 4 or 6 pack

250mL bottles

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Cold Brew Concentrate
from $27.00

Available in a 2 or 4 pack

500mL bottles

Fressko Camino Cup (340mL)

Fressko Bino (340mL) cup available in 4 colours:

Coal, Frost, Floss & Canary

Coolest big sustainable cup on the market. Even cooler with our logo on it!

Fressko Bino Cup (230mL)

Fressko Bino (230mL) cup available in 5 colours:

Coal, Frost, Canary, Grape & Bubblegum

Coolest sustainable cup on the market. Even cooler with our logo on it!

Pink Beat T Shirt
Our resplendent pink round neck T shirt has our glorious logo front and centre. Wear it loud and proud like the Beat Crew!
Black Beat T Shirt
Our mesmerising black round neck T shirt has a graphic showing all different ways you can make the glorious black gold, from espresso to chemex to stovetop. Wear it loud and proud like the Beat Crew!
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Aeropress GO Coffee Maker
You know that weirdo in the office that has that strange looking device at break time? You see how they smile after drinking the coffee that it makes? This is that device. Get it. Best non-espresso espresso maker out there.
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Aeropress Metal filter (Disk)
If you are sick of throwing out all the paper filters you use with the Aeropress, give this guy a go
Aeropress Metal filter fine (Disk Fine)
Now you are really stepping up your aeropress game aren't you? Filters out more sediment and fines than the usual filters
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Bruer (Aeropress) paper filters
You need these to make coffee with the Aeropress…
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Chemex 3 cup (Glass bottle)
Classic filter coffee maker, looks good and makes great coffee
Hario V60 dripper
from $10.85

This clear plastic, single cup coffee making tool is a marvellous piece of gear. With the Size 01 V60 paper filters and Beat Coffee, how can you go wrong? 15g coffee, 240mL water is a great starting point

So you want more than one cup? The size 2 Hario V60 states that it makes up to 4 cups - we think 2 Is a good amount… Works with Size 02 V60 paper filters.


Hario V60 dripper - Ceramic
You want to step up your V60 game? The ceramic version will allow you to obtain more stable temperature control. Delicious times await!
Hario V60 paper filter
from $4.50

40 pack of paper filters to use with the V60 Size 1 dripper. Make sure you rinse with water before using.

40 pack of paper filters to use with the V60 Size 2 dripper. Make sure you rinse with water before using.

LPF Guatemala Microlot
from $24.00

 Dried currant, tropical fruit, sweet.

Country Guatemala
Region La Libertad, Huehuetenango
Process Natural
Varietal Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Maragogype, Pache
Elevation 1550-1900 masl

Crossfader - Costa Rica Finca Calle Lajas
from $30.00

Dried tropical fruit, sparkly acidity with lolly sweetness

Country Costa Rica
Region Sabanilla de Alajuela, Central Valley
Process Perla Negra (Natural)
Varietal Catuai, Caturra
Owner Oscar & Francisca Chacón,Las Lajas Micromill
Altitude  1400–1600 MASL