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Guatemala Santa Rosa
from $14.00

Milk Chocolate with notes of stone fruit.

Country Guatemala
Origin Santa Rosa
Location Jalapa
Process Washed
Varietal Red & Arabica
Owner Collection of small farms

Brazil BOM Jesus
from $16.50

Full Body, caramel and honey sweetness.

Country Brazil
Origin Alta Mogiana
Location Cristais Paulista, Sao Paulo
Process Natural
Varietal Mundo Novo
Altitude (masl) 1,250m
Owner Flavia & Gabriel Alves

Brazil Sao Silvestre Peaberry
from $15.50

Creamy body, hazelnut, sweet.

Country Brazil
Origin High Cerrado, Minas Gerais
Location Sao Silvestre Peaberry High Cerrado
Process Natural
Varietal Red & Yellow Catuai
Altitude (masl) 1100
Owner Ismael Andrade

from $16.00

Dark chocolate, hazelnut and stone fruit.

70% Brazil BOM Jesus
30% Colombia Santuario Risaralda 

Great service, great coffee, go out of your way to get here if in the North

Adrian via Google

Amazing local! Delish coffee and sweet treats.

Alesha via Google

This is an amazing coffee spot in the North! If you're into great coffee and awesome service.


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