Our Blends are named after various turntable moves done by DJs. Particularly moves that combine sounds from various tracks, creating somethings greater than the sum of both. Our first blend is known as the Chirp-Flare. The Chirp is the part of the scratch heard at the beginning of the sound while the flare is the part of the scratch heard in the middle of the movement.

Beat Coffee follows the same philosophy with blending two beans together, one being the “Chirp”- the big pronounced taste, and the “Flare”- being the fantastic background bean with the subtle flavours that make a great milk based coffee. Our new favourite blend is the Transformer. This move is the combination of moving the record with one hand and repeated movement of the cross fade with the other. The name comes from the robotic sound it creates, simliar to the sound made in the 80s cartoon “Transformers” when the robots would…..transform.

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from $16.00

Dark chocolate, hazelnut and stone fruit.

70% Brazil BOM Jesus
30% Colombia Santuario Risaralda 

Chirp Flare
from $16.00

Milk Chocolate, caramel

Brazil BOM Jesus
40% Guatemala Santa Rosa
10% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere


Flare Orbit
from $15.50

Creamy, caramel, nutty, sweet

Brazil BOM Jesus

50% Brazil Sao Silvestre Peaberry