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Full Body, caramel and honey sweetness.

Country Brazil
Origin Alta Mogiana
Location Cristais Paulista, Sao Paulo
Process Natural
Varietal Mundo Novo
Altitude (masl) 1,250m
Owner Flavia & Gabriel Alves

Customer Reviews

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Daniel James


Best Coffee in the North

We are fond lovers of coffee and when we got our coffee machine at home we did our research into where to get good coffee beans from. We sampled a number of places but kept coming back to Beats. Every time we have visitors they all comment on how delicious the coffee is.
The staff are also super friendly and helpful, which makes it all the more better. I’ve started ordering my beans online and get it the next day which is very convenient.
I can not recommend this place enough.

Christine V
This is the smoothest

Every day I treat myself to this coffee, people who are lucky enough to get some from me always ask for more! No need for sugar, no need for milk… it is just sensational!

Christine V

I have never, ever, had withdrawal from a particular coffee before. Along came Baby Scratch and it changed my life! It is the best! I love the aroma I love the taste and I cried when I ran out one particularly crazy at work. Keep up the wonderful work. THANK YOU!!!

Franz Kirchberger
Brazil single origin

This is my go-to coffee, great to have as an espresso or cappuccino

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